AFGE Comments on the Pittsburgh VA Execs Getting Bonuses Despite OIG’s Findings on Legionaries Disease Outbreak at Pittsburgh VAMC

While the VA has created a blue button for veterans to download their medical records takes prde in announciing our green button in recognition of those VA employees who have downloaded our money

Save the VA.

Moreland what me worry

“We believe the report does not go far enough in determining why hospital management and VISN leadership did not do more once they discovered the problem back in 2011,” said AFGE National President J. David Cox Sr. “The report goes into great detail about the function of the water system and the history of Legionnaires’ disease but it leaves us wondering, given all that the VA knows about Legionella, why weren’t our veterans and health care workers fully protected from this outbreak?

“We’re also stunned to learn VISN 4 Director Michael Moreland received a generous bonus while this outbreak occurred on his watch. Nurses, doctors, support staff and others are forced to do more with less in order to care for our vets, while executives are rewarded for mismanagement. This has to end.”

“When our veterans step in to a VA hospital they expect world–class care and our members work hard each day to exceed that expectation.  VA leadership’s poor oversight of the Legionella problem put our veterans and our employees at risk. They must be held accountable,” said AFGE National VA Council President Alma Lee. “This report shows us where the VA dropped the ball. Now we must keep the pressure on to ensure that either Mr. Moreland, or those who find his performance acceptable, is held accountable.”

“Veterans and hospital employees didn’t find out about the escalating Legionella conce

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