Donald Harvey – The Angel of Death

Known for Being One of the Most Prolific Serial Killers in U.S. History

Donald Harvey is a serial killer responsible for killing 36 to 57 people, many of who were patients at hospitals where he was employed. His killing spree lasted from May 1970 until March 1987, only ending after a police investigation into the death of a patient resulted in Harvey’s confession. Labeled the “Angel of Death” Harvey said he first began to kill to help ease the pain of dying patients, but a detailed diary he kept paints the picture of a sadistic, cold-hearted killer

Morgue Job at the V.A. Hospital

In September 1975, Harvey moved back to Cincinnati, Ohio and landed a night position in the V.A. hospital. It is believed while employed there Harvey killed, at the least, 15 patients. Now his killing methods included injections of cyanide and adding rat poison and arsenic to his victims foods.